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The Sound of Arrows – Conquest

March 29, 2013

Introducing The Sound of Arrows, a Swedish electronic duo that has remixed for a lot of other well-known artists and produces their own synthpop and–here’s a new genre for you–dream pop music. Although the genre really isn’t that new, I’ll admit I didn’t know of its official existence until now, and yet it all-too perfectly describes this song. It starts out with a heavily-synthed, echo-y horn sound reminiscent of the 80s, and whispered vocals add to the dreamscape. Like the title of the song suggests, this song is just epic and you can’t help but let it fill you with some imagined purpose. So being that it’s Friday, go out there and conquer your weekend!

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– cheerlubber

The Sound of Arrows Official Site

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Miami Horror – I Look To You ft. Kimbra

March 21, 2013 1 Comment

I came across this song a while ago but didn’t remember it until a recent trip to Sephora, where it was playing in the store. This electronic band from Australia offers a song with a touch of retro disco sound with its horns and funky, moving bass line, combined with Kimbra’s soft, whisper-y vocals for a surreal effect. A quick glance at some of their other songs reveals they’re a fan of this funk sound, and I can’t say I disapprove. Take a “look” at this mesmerizing song!

– cheerlubber

Miami Horror Official Website

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Mark Ronson & The Business Int.’l – Bang, Bang, Bang

January 23, 2013 2 Comments

Sounds similar to:  Amy Winehouse, Miike Snow, Q-Tip

Hi There, Whuzzerface here,

Mark Ronson. You may say “Huh? Nooooo idea who the chap is.” Oh yes you, you do indeed. He is the genius responsible for Amy Winehouses catapult launch into fame with “Rehab” (he produced half of that album by himself!) and even contributed a track to Adele’s freshman debut album “19”.  He has a retro-ific soul that even keeps a bit of whit about itself, doesn’t take itself too seriously.  By the way, i’m kind of a lot in love with Mark Ronson, we are kindred spirits.

“Bang Bang Bang” combines his insane drum riff (can you hear the use of MULTIPLE toms? that’s not normal, most people are too cowardly to utilize them all), synthesizers, MNDR’s attitude and red lips (is that a jedi padawan braid I spot??) and the timeless elegant stylings of Q-Tip. How can this song not be made of win with that lineup?! This video could very well be a glance into a paradoxical past that is also the future. That possibility alone makes my head spin. The Japanese talk-show host conducts the interview in French, Ronson responds in Japanese and then gets down to business with his Voltron-esque weapons of mass de-funktion. The little b-boys that pop up win my heart over in no time flat!  The song is just as much fun and chaos as the video so enjoy!!

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – “Record Collection” – Amazon MP3

Lee Hi – 1, 2, 3, 4

January 10, 2013

I’ve been telling Whuzzerface I would post something for about the past week now. Whoops. So, picking something rather randomly, I give you Lee Hi. This 16-year-old singer just debuted in South Korea under one of the biggest entertainment companies there with this song. Her acting in the music video is absolutely awful; she’s stiff and boring. You can still enjoy the dancers and the sets though.

Like this! See that sign up at the top left? Lollerskates.

BUT that’s not what really matters anyway. This is a fun, laid-back, retro song that has a tendency to get stuck in your head with its simple chorus of “1 and 2 and 3 aaand 4, ooh~” Don’t be frightened that the song is in Korean. If it bothers you that much, this song is popular enough to find translated lyrics of it somewhere online, if knowing the meaning of the lyrics will determine whether you like the song or not (because it does for some, silly enough as it is). Unfortunately, it is only available to buy through iTunes at this time. If you like to avoid iTunes and their steep prices as much as I do, you know who to call.

– cheerlubber

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Lee Hi’s Official Facebook

Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot

December 29, 2012

Sounds similar to: The Clash, Kasabian, Blur

Hi there, Whuzzerface here.

Are you, like me, getting ready to get all Crazy-Go-Nuts on New Years?!  I’m looking forward to kissing 2012 goodbye and was scoping through my “crazy”-type songs and brushed the dust off of this golden nugget direct from 2005. Yeah young-in’s, it’s an oldie, but this song still packs a wallop in the form of a feather pillow fight and mosh pitting to this song is a MUST. The anthemic nature of this cannot be denied or ignored and you will give in to the riot mentality and sing along when the chorus rolls around.  Enjoy!

Shim Kyu Sun – Redribbon Foxes (A Fine Frenzy cover)

December 19, 2012

Got a lil’ Christmas song for ya’ll! Now don’t freak out just yet because it’s a foreign name. To be honest I don’t know much about Shim Kyu Sun, except that she’s Korean and I think she mainly sings ballad songs. But her label did a Christmas cover album a few years ago and I stumbled upon her cover of a song by A Fine Frenzy and fell in love. I heard it from Shim Kyu Sun first and then listened to the original version. Now, Shim Kyu Sun’s version obviously has some slight pronunciation errors, but honestly I like how she sings it better (also, this version has really neat visuals). If you’d like to hear the lyrics more clearly, however, you can check out the original here. Either way you like to listen to it, it’s a beautiful little song, and–for someone who usually gives more credit to the music than the lyrics–I think the lyrics are beautiful too (you can read them here). Hope you remember what really matters as Christmas approaches this year!

– cheerlubber

art by lxyra of deviantart.com

Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Stop The Music

December 3, 2012

Hi there, Whuzzerface here.

Yes, I intentionally left out the preceding ‘artists this song sounds similar to’ because anyone who has created music similar to this in the past 30 years has this band to thank!  ‘Das right, I’m taking you on a time warp. Buckle up tight!

Yarbrough & Peoples. Sounds like some aristocratic hoity toity London-based law firm doesn’t it? They were obviously quite the opposite though. Calvin & Alisa met very young while they were taking piano lessons from the same teacher. Calvin was actually one of the original members of The Gap Band! Well, they kept in contact over the years and decided to start making music in the early 80’s and found great success in the charts. It gets better though, because they actually ended falling in love with each other and are still married and performing today. *insert collective “AWWW”*

When I heard this on the radio last week, I had to do a double take. “I thought I had this on the oldies station…” I thought to myself as I walked over to the radio, which was tuned to the frequency I thought. “This sounds way to ‘now’ to be an oldie”. My search for this song began, and obviously I found it! The boogie deliciousness that is this hidden jewel from the past comes from the jiving bass line and hopping synth sounds. Many an artist today would kill for those synthesizers in the video, they were timeless and matchless machines. Alisa’s voice is incredible not to mention her style! She makes the whole song seem so effortless. I wish she would have been more popular & widely appreciate because I can hear intense influence in later singers like Whitney Houston.  I hope you enjoy it (and the puppets too!).

Yarbrough & Peoples – Official Site

Buy “Best of Yarbrough & Peoples” – Amazon MP3

People who love music and love each other. Tres adorbs.

Oh that hair…

Double Dose of Sweet part 2 “Chocolate”: Miguel – Adorn

November 14, 2012 2 Comments

Sounds similar to: Frank Ocean, Usher, Trey Songz

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here,

Here is part 2 of todays “Vanilla & Chocolate” double feature! Is anyone else getting hungry at the mere mention of those words??

Miguel is a sweet-faced crooner who is destined to break hearts with is smooth mellifluous voice. And yet I get the feeling that all the while he is one of those guys who you know is actually trying to be genuine and show the girl of his fancy how much he adores her. “Adorn” is the kind of song the gets your heart racing to the beat of the bass. Speaking of the bass, it’s insane in this!  It’s such a low pitch in parts that it’s hard to discern what note it is until it ascends a few tones then DROPS back down. Some of the ambient instrumental are reminiscent of 90’s Madonna songs or “100% Pure Love” house-ish tracks.

Props to C-Bisquit for being persistent in making sure that I heard this song because I luvz it!

Miguel – Amazon MP3

Double Dose of Sweet “Vanilla”: Daley – Remember Me (Feat. Jessie J)

November 14, 2012

Sounds similar to: Robin Thicke, Tweet, Ryan Leslie

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here,

Today is gonna be a double feature! I figure it’s Wednesday and we could all use a double dose of R&B-ish-ness today. Both artists have similar ranges, yet drastically different styles and the obvious fact that one guy is a British Ginger and the other is not. That’s why we’ll be calling them Vanilla & Chocolate!

Besides Justin Timberlake & Robin Thicke, can you recall any other tenor-range R&B/pop men who have made it HUGE in the industry in the past decade? I certainly cannot. That’s why when I heard the one-of-a-kind Daley’s voice, I was thrown for a loop. His soft almost androgynous tone is unmatched and I couldn’t be more pleased that he is getting paired up with tons of great talent these days. My first brush with him was when Gorillaz released their quirky song “Doncamatic”, which featured Daley. Now in this song, he’s paired up with the steaming Jessie J?! Aw yeah!

Daley is really his last name, but this scrawny ginger from the UK is no lightweight. The beats in this song are reminiscent of many a 90’s tune, and perhaps that’s why I was drawn to it originally.  It’ll get stuck in your head so be careful!

Daley – Alone Together EP – Amazon MP3

Capital Cities – Safe & Sound

November 2, 2012 1 Comment

Sounds similar to: Penguin Prison, Hey Champ, Strange Talk

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here,

How as your Halloween? Did you have a spooky good time? I apparently had too much fun as I realized the following day that I had a Halloween Candy Hangover after just 3 “fun-size” Almond Joys. I know, I’m such a lightweight. And what did you think of our creepy/strange/huh videos? Well, I still had about 10 other alternates I could have included as well but this one, this jem, actually has more of grateful lyrics with a creepy video, so I figured it’s ok to post it in November.

Capital Cities comes bursting out at you from the get-go.  These Los Angeleans have a easy-going sound of electropop and even love to throw in good trumpet loops as a hint of spice to their songs.  The combination of two singers, one slightly gravely, makes for a good complimenting of their retro vibe. Considering that they found each other through Craigslist, I’d say this pairing was meant to be! I especially love when they get to the “Even in a hurricane of frowns, I know that we’ll be safe & sound.”  And you should get excited because there is a break after the bridge that is so disco-centric, you can’t help but bust out at that very moment.

As far as the video goes, I’ve never heard of llama worshipers before but I guess there’s a first for everything at some point. I can’t discern the meaning of the odd images of a derelict town, dolls, and symbols either. The end of the video has me totally flummoxed. You’ll see what I mean when you watch.

I hope your Friday is stellar!!

Capital Cities – Official Site

Capital Cities EP’s – Amazon MP3