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Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Stop The Music

December 3, 2012

Hi there, Whuzzerface here.

Yes, I intentionally left out the preceding ‘artists this song sounds similar to’ because anyone who has created music similar to this in the past 30 years has this band to thank!  ‘Das right, I’m taking you on a time warp. Buckle up tight!

Yarbrough & Peoples. Sounds like some aristocratic hoity toity London-based law firm doesn’t it? They were obviously quite the opposite though. Calvin & Alisa met very young while they were taking piano lessons from the same teacher. Calvin was actually one of the original members of The Gap Band! Well, they kept in contact over the years and decided to start making music in the early 80’s and found great success in the charts. It gets better though, because they actually ended falling in love with each other and are still married and performing today. *insert collective “AWWW”*

When I heard this on the radio last week, I had to do a double take. “I thought I had this on the oldies station…” I thought to myself as I walked over to the radio, which was tuned to the frequency I thought. “This sounds way to ‘now’ to be an oldie”. My search for this song began, and obviously I found it! The boogie deliciousness that is this hidden jewel from the past comes from the jiving bass line and hopping synth sounds. Many an artist today would kill for those synthesizers in the video, they were timeless and matchless machines. Alisa’s voice is incredible not to mention her style! She makes the whole song seem so effortless. I wish she would have been more popular & widely appreciate because I can hear intense influence in later singers like Whitney Houston.  I hope you enjoy it (and the puppets too!).

Yarbrough & Peoples – Official Site

Buy “Best of Yarbrough & Peoples” – Amazon MP3

People who love music and love each other. Tres adorbs.

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