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Late Night Alumni – Eros

December 6, 2012

Here’s something a little different. Late Night Alumni is a house group from Salt Lake City formed in 2004, and is composed of 4 members; perhaps one of the most well-known is Ryan Raddon, aka big-time DJ and producer Kaskade. Eros is from their first album “Empty Streets” released in 2005. The soft vocals give the song a very ethereal feel, which suits the title Eros. I think the lyrics are interesting. For those who don’t know, Eros was the Greek god of love, especially lust. You might recognize him by his name in Roman mythology: Cupid. He would make people fall in love with either of his two arrows (for two different types of love). Once you understand that, you may be able to determine the meaning of the rest of the lyrics on your own. I think it’s basically talking about a fading love, one that was built on the “idol Eros,” i.e. a superficial love. Now that Eros is gone (the initial attraction), the love is falling apart because they didn’t build it on anything that really matters. Some food for thought. Anyway, enough of talk about lyrics! Listen and enjoy!

– cheerlubber

Late Night Alumni Official Website 

(you can buy from their website; I don’t think Amazon has a downloadable MP3 of Eros)

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