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Shim Kyu Sun – Redribbon Foxes (A Fine Frenzy cover)

December 19, 2012

Got a lil’ Christmas song for ya’ll! Now don’t freak out just yet because it’s a foreign name. To be honest I don’t know much about Shim Kyu Sun, except that she’s Korean and I think she mainly sings ballad songs. But her label did a Christmas cover album a few years ago and I stumbled upon her cover of a song by A Fine Frenzy and fell in love. I heard it from Shim Kyu Sun first and then listened to the original version. Now, Shim Kyu Sun’s version obviously has some slight pronunciation errors, but honestly I like how she sings it better (also, this version has really neat visuals). If you’d like to hear the lyrics more clearly, however, you can check out the original here. Either way you like to listen to it, it’s a beautiful little song, and–for someone who usually gives more credit to the music than the lyrics–I think the lyrics are beautiful too (you can read them here). Hope you remember what really matters as Christmas approaches this year!

– cheerlubber

art by lxyra of deviantart.com

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