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Foster The People – Helena Beat

December 13, 2012

Sounds similar to: MGMT, Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix

Hi there, Whuzzerface here.

Hey now, don’t you be rollin’ your eyes at me! Be honest, you loved Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”. Don’t even act like you’re one of those “I liked it until…” because I bet you STILL do, you just won’t ever admit to it until your collection of deep v-neck shirts is being held captive for ransom of said admission. Truth be told, I actually heard this tune first and loved it, but didn’t understand why it got eclipsed. Granted, today is only a Thursday, but let’s pretend it’s Friday because this is the kind of song that makes Fridays incredible.

Lest you forget, lead man Mark Foster did a heavy collab with A-Trak and Kimbra back in April that was nothing short of awesomeness especially since the video was chock-full of luchadors. Check it out here.


Foster The People – Amazon MP3

Foster The People – Official Site


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