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Double Dose of Sweet “Vanilla”: Daley – Remember Me (Feat. Jessie J)

November 14, 2012

Sounds similar to: Robin Thicke, Tweet, Ryan Leslie

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here,

Today is gonna be a double feature! I figure it’s Wednesday and we could all use a double dose of R&B-ish-ness today. Both artists have similar ranges, yet drastically different styles and the obvious fact that one guy is a British Ginger and the other is not. That’s why we’ll be calling them Vanilla & Chocolate!

Besides Justin Timberlake & Robin Thicke, can you recall any other tenor-range R&B/pop men who have made it HUGE in the industry in the past decade? I certainly cannot. That’s why when I heard the one-of-a-kind Daley’s voice, I was thrown for a loop. His soft almost androgynous tone is unmatched and I couldn’t be more pleased that he is getting paired up with tons of great talent these days. My first brush with him was when Gorillaz released their quirky song “Doncamatic”, which featured Daley. Now in this song, he’s paired up with the steaming Jessie J?! Aw yeah!

Daley is really his last name, but this scrawny ginger from the UK is no lightweight. The beats in this song are reminiscent of many a 90’s tune, and perhaps that’s why I was drawn to it originally.  It’ll get stuck in your head so be careful!

Daley – Alone Together EP – Amazon MP3

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