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Raging Contagion

Raging Contagion

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The Sound of Arrows – Conquest

March 29, 2013

Introducing The Sound of Arrows, a Swedish electronic duo that has remixed for a lot of other well-known artists and produces their own synthpop and–here’s a new genre for you–dream pop music. Although the genre really isn’t that new, I’ll admit I didn’t know of its official existence until now, and yet it all-too perfectly describes this song. It starts out with a heavily-synthed, echo-y horn sound reminiscent of the 80s, and whispered vocals add to the dreamscape. Like the title of the song suggests, this song is just epic and you can’t help but let it fill you with some imagined purpose. So being that it’s Friday, go out there and conquer your weekend!

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– cheerlubber

The Sound of Arrows Official Site

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