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March 25, 2013

Hi there, Whuzzerface here,


April is “BIRTHDAY PARTY MONTH” at Raging Contagion!!

April 1st is Raging Contagions 1st birthday (it is but a wee babe yet) and April 25th is MY birthday (not at all as young as this blog). I love to live it up for my birthday especially since there are always really good concerts in town that month. As such, we thought and pondered about the best way to celebrate. I consulted local concert calendars and came up with a grand idea. Since I personally plan on attending about 6 concerts in the month (3 within my birth week) we are going to do a TICKET GIVEAWAY so you can come and party with me. How fun will that be!

Raging has told me that it would love some more followers for it’s birthday gift so here’s how we’re going to run this contest. Each of these gets you one entry to the giveaway:

  1. LIKE us on Facebook   or follow us on here (it’s super easy, just click “+Follow” and it will email you new posts).
  2. Share this post on Facebook, or any post from us
  3. For every friend you get to follow us (in either of the forms) you get an additional entry (Just let us know via email or Facebook which of your friends followed so we can verify). Maybe even bribe them with the line “Hey, if you follow it and I win the drawing, I’m gonna take you with me to the concert!”
  4. Do the math. You + 2 friends”likes” = 3 entries for you, 1 for each o’ dem. Everyone gets a chance!

The prize is a pair of tickets to one of these concerts (three of these groups we’ve already featured on here at least once!):

All concerts are held at the impeccable Crescent Ballroom 308 N. 2nd Ave. Phoenix, AZ. The winner will be responsible for their own transportation to the venue. Ticket pick up will be arranged directly with the winner either before the event or night of (if you want to go to dinner before, you’re paying for yourself, but I’d be game for noshing with you!).
The deadline is April 15th and a winner will be randomly selected from the entries out of a hat by a blind monkey. Ok, maybe not a blind monkey, they’re hard to find and the insurance…., but we’ll be sure to blindfold cheerlubber and have her draw a name out of my Indiana Jones hat. That’s close enough to a monkey ;-)

I am super excited for this especially because I love having concert buddies. There are few things as fun as listening to a live band and dancing the night away.

So get on it, you know you wanna come party!!

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