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RAC – Hollywood Feat. Penguin Prison (free download)

June 15, 2012

This song is rated: 1 Pill – entry-level for music novices

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here!

Collaborations of several artists on a music project can be a double-edged sword. Santana  for instance, incredible guitars but there was a phase in the last 90’s/early 2000’s where he seemed to think that he could take any top 40’s artist as the vocalist for a song and it would be an instant hit. Yeah, there were some definite trainwrecks with that formula. HOWEVER, when you get someone as disco-ly clever as Penguin Prison and master of crafty remixes like RAC, magic happens! As you may recall, Penguin Prison was briefly mentioned for his dance remix of Kimbra’s song “Settle Down“, which we posted a few weeks back. Not only does he remix like a mad man, he sings also. LUCKY US! Penguin Prison (or by his real name of Chris Glover) has a very unique timbre of voice. I can’t figure out exactly how to describe it to you but when you hear it, you’ll remember it.  RAC (which stands for Remix Artist Collective) is a mastermind and rising star in seeing the potential of original songs and then making them better. Truly, I think I have about 30+ remixes of his in my possession and each one is a gem to listen to.

“Hollywood” is about losing touch with friends. Not just friends that move and drift apart because of physical distance, but friends who drift apart because of “ego distance”. You know, they get a promotion, befriend someone by the name of Rumor, and then buy a pair of French imported high heeled shoes and all of the sudden, they’re a changed person, and not in a good way either.  They get too full of themselves and create an intangible barrier between themselves and the perceived hoi polloi, which apparently you’re part of too now that you can’t keep up with them. Their ego is so big that they’ve made themselves unavailable as a friend. Which is why Facebook invented the “unfriend” and why this songs like this are made. The best ‘ouch’ moment is right at the beginning when he says “I’m not telling you again that what you need is just a slap around!” It’s a danceable number that I know you’ll fall in love with by the chorus.

On the plus side, it’s all free! Free things make Fridays even more amazing.

I hope you like it and please remember to follow or leave a comment. We love hearing from our Ragers!

Click here for the free download, courtesy of Green Label Sound!

Check out the new video for this too.

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