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Raging Contagion

Raging Contagion

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Birthday Ticket Giveaway Winner Is…..

April 18, 2013

Hi there, Whuzzerface here,

The time has finally come for the resolution to the big question: “Who won the Birthday Ticket Giveaway??”  Well, the drawing pool was actually a lot larger than I expected it to be so the competition was fierce.

I printed every entrants name and put the rolled up slip into a very cute jockey cap.

The Hat

I then enlist the help of my ridiculously-good-looking assistant, C-Low-To-The-Ground. He, being an unbiased party, drew out the following name:



(I may have had to battle him for the one piece of paper that he clung to for dear life…)IMG_5690[1]


I’m still waiting to hear back from her on which concert she chooses, but I think we may hold another one of these very soon, so don’t give up and thank you thank you thank you for your support!

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