Raging Contagion

Raging Contagion

Raging Contagion

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Boyz Noize – This Is What You Want

April 25, 2013

Sounds Similar To: Chromeo, JUSTICE, Röyksopp

Hi there, Whuzzerface here,

I know they say that if you tell your birthday wish after you blow out candles, it won’t come true, but I don’t care – I WANNA BE A SUPER-something!  Hero/woman/rad/smash/shuttle/8, doesn’t matter, just super at something. What luck then that my ears would pick up on this song in crowded New York City and compel me to shout to my sister “I must know what this song is…Give me your smartphone!!!”  Lo and behold, this song not only sounds super, the plot of the video centers on a regular man, surrounded by supers. (Whenever I walk into a singles even, that is how I feel.)

So you say you want super music? Then that is what you’ll get.  ENJOY!!

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