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Hot Chip – I Feel Better

October 29, 2012

Sounds similar to: Twin Shadow, LCD Soundsystem, Yeasayer

Happy almost-Halloween!

I’ve scoured music videos for this week and found several great creepy, odd, freaky, and down-right disturbing videos which will help to get your Halloween festivities off to a great start.  Our JJAMZ offering was a mere appetizer to what we have in store for you!

Hot Chip is a huge name in the electropop indie circuit. I cannot begin to count the number of their epic remixes of other songs alone. In addition to their Dj-ventures though, they also offer songs where they have both a high and low-pitched male vocal duo. That combination alone sets them apart and gives both a warm and ethereal feel to the songs. Add that to the “blip-blop” electronics and you’ve got yourself some epic dance tunes.

Now we’ve all been in love with at least one boy band in our lives. So what do you think would happen if you blended a boy band, a dance-off, alien invasion and good ol’ British humor together? You’d get this video! It seems to be a generic boy band music video filled with male-peacocks and dancing, but that’s where you’re wrong. A special guest arrives and shows those boy banders up. Now, when the chorus does come around, if you’re anything like me, a look of revulsion will slowly shape your face into a big “WHAT THE H???”, trust in me though, it gets better ;-)

I hope you get your dance on with this. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Hot Chip – Official Site

Yeasayer – O.N.E.

October 19, 2012 2 Comments

Sounds similar to: Miike Snow, Passion Pit, Santigold

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here.
This music video is captivating, visually and sonically. It’s almost as if there’s a huge backstory to this that we’ll never fully understand but the story they put in front of you depicts a futuristic entertainment-filled warehouse club venue. The main character, who’s exact species is unknown to me, enters the establishment and enters into an enthralling board game with another opponent. I’d love to learn out to play the game, I’m sure it was made up just for the video. Other things I love about this video: the colors, the clothing and dance moves of the trio of dancers (and the fact that the first time you see them, they’re hooded and look like the gay cousins of the Nazgûl, a.k.a. ring wraiths from LOTR), the glowing jewel synthesizer that the band plays, I love the funky fish tank glitter swimming person-thing and most especially, I LOVE THIS SONG!

The lyrics of this song portray someone who’s been fooled/played by the same person for too long, and now they have no pull on the heartstrings of their victim. I applaud people like this! The bridge of the song even eludes to the process of realization from feeling sedated or tranquilized to finally waking up with the recognition of the persons true toxic character.  Additionally, it’s a fuuuuun song to dance to so I hope you enjoy it on this gorgeous Friday. Yeasayer came out with a new album in August that is quite clever, make sure to check out “Fragrant World”. Cheers!

Yeasayer – Amazon MP3

Yeasayer Official Site

JJAMZ – Heartbeat

October 11, 2012 1 Comment

Sounds similar to: The Strokes, Phantom Planet, Rilo Kiley

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here,

It’s homecoming season all across the states. And what goes great with High School dances? Bad thriller movies!  This song you’re about to hear is made possible in part by the breaking up of several bands, allowing the real creative geniuses of those groups to come together to form a music mastermind collective.  JJAMZ (the first letter of ever members name, unimaginative but it actually works out alright) is an amalgamation of members from The Like, Phantom Planet, Maroon 5, and Rilo Kiley/Bright Eyes (same guy, two bands). Seriously, just rereading that list for the 4th time, I’m so stoked for you to hear all of the best of the best from those group make sounds that are better than what they’ve done before.

Z’s voice is lovely and breathy but not unintelligible and overdone.  I’ve seen recordings of her singing live and this girl can certainly hold her own. Warning: The creeper/stalker guy in the video is SCARY and can and probably will induce nightmares!! The song however, can and will make you want to listen to it again. It’s the reluctant confession to someone that make her heart beat rapidly, and then asking him to “please don’t stand so close to me”. Maybe he’s no good for her, or vice versa, but that’s kind of a messed up statement to make. Sure does make for a good song though!

Enjoy!!  And please remember to stay in well-lit areas, and carry change and your address book in case you need to use a payphone to call a friend. Stay Safe!

JJAMZ Official Site

JJAMZ – Amazon MP3

Alexander – Truth

October 10, 2012 1 Comment

Ahh, the heartbreaks, thrills, and joys of being a hippie hobo~

Trying to keep the fire burning here, so I present you with Alexander’s song Truth. While this comes from his self-titled solo debut album released in 2011, Alexander has been around for some time now. Under the name of Alex Ebert he was previously the lead singer and songwriter in the band Ima Robot, and is still active in Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (they actually just released a new album earlier this year).

Truth, with its easy guitar, drowsy vocals, and the whistling (I’m a sucker for whistling), makes for a great chill piece reminiscent of the carefree hippie pop/rock of the 60s. After listening through, it really does make you feel relaxed and a little lethargic. I think we all need a bit of good ol’ nostalgic sound every now and then.

– cheerlubber

Alexander’s Official Website

Buy Alexander on Amazon MP3

Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy

October 5, 2012 1 Comment

Similar to: Passion Pit, Miike Snow, Cut Copy, Strange Talk


Last week, Dr. Cheerlubber presented a lovely song by Strange Talk called “Eskimo Boy”, which is why I thought a good response to that was to bring about the even peppy, catchier, and entrancingly fun “Skeleton Boy” (that and also Halloween is RIGHT around the corner!).  Friendly Fires, direct from the UK, love to make danceable songs.  In this video, you’ll seem them jam out while their skeletons start to fill in. I think it’s rather a simple and yet creative play on the song title. Favorite part of the video:  1:43, the singer has the most hip dance moves I’ve ever seen on a white guy.
With that, hope this tune gets you moving and beware of dancing skeletons, they’re not always as cute as these blokes.  Enjoy!!

Deluka – Cascade

October 3, 2012

cheerlubber is taking over the blog, muahahaha!

Today I bring you British indie rock band with new wave tendencies, Deluka, who are actually now based in New York. I have no idea what their band name means but I like their sound. I discovered Deluka at a bowling alley, of all places. Their music video was playing on the TVs and I don’t think anyone was really paying attention, but the song certainly grabbed my attention; it was so different from the typical gangster rap and Top 40 songs they usually play. Not only was I lucky enough to hear this song at that time, but lucky enough that my eyes decided to work well enough that day for me to see the small white words on the screen telling me what the song was, and lucky enough that my brain decided it would remember it for me until I got home hours later.

I managed to snag the Deluka EP (from 2009) but they have since released their full first album in 2010 that also features Cascade, titled You Are The Night. However, there are 3 songs on the EP that are not available on the album release, and I quite like them. The EP, unfortunately, is not easily available anywhere online anymore, from what I could tell. Deluka is due out for another new album in the next few months so I wonder if maybe those songs will appear on the new album, which I look forward to. Until then, you can just enjoy Cascade and You Are The Night!

Deluka – You Are The Night on Amazon MP3

Deluka Official Website


Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum

October 1, 2012

cheerlubber here to start off the month of October. :0  Can you believe it–I’m doing 3 posts in a row. Just trying to keep things moving, that’s all. And I guess I’m feeling a bit spontaneous, so these songs are being picked rather arbitrarily (ps, that word always makes me think of the Arbiter from Halo 2, who is just too cool).

You might think Emiliana Torrini comes from Italy given her name, but in fact she is from Iceland (though her father is Italian). We’ve had this song for a while and I can’t remember how we came across it, but it certainly is a light and lively little ditty (alliteration!). It never loses its fast pace, the guitar gives it a classic ol’ rock’n’roll feel, and her “Roka-donka-donka-donk-donk”s are too adorable. Basically, it’s a fun song that is nigh impossible to dislike. Also, betchyou didn’t know, but Emiliana Torrini is the very same singer who performed the haunting Gollum’s Song at the end of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers movie (on a related note, who’s excited for The Hobbit?!). There’s a clever bit of trivia for you. ;D  Anyway, listen to this song because it makes me happy and I’m sure it’ll make you happy too~

Buy Jungle Drum on Amazon MP3

Emiliana Torrini Official Website

Groove Armada – History (Feat. Will Young)

September 21, 2012

Similar to: Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Röyksopp

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here,

How do you like the player being right at the top?? Caught you off guard with this one eh? I bet you thought the video was going to be a serious Brit-Punk Dance-off, right? I love that the electronic DJ duo Groove Armada, who has been around since 1997, has enough humor to make this their semi-official music video. It speaks volumes of their character and makes me like their music even more. Doesn’t this make you want to have a street dance battle too!

For their album “Black Light”, Groove Armada supplied their already incredible beats and collaborated with several other artists to create an epic dance collection (my favorite being “Paper Romance” but that will be featured another time). The live drum bits in here and the distorted gritty synth make this song highly addictive even though it’s actually rather simply structured.

Well, I hope you enjoy it and dance to your hearts content!

Groove Armada – Official Site

Groove Armada “Black Light” Album – Amazon MP3

Röyksopp – Happy Up Here

September 7, 2012 2 Comments

Sounds similar to: Daft Punk, M83, Digitalism

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here,

I may not have gone out of town for Labor Day weekend, but you can believe that as soon as 4PM hits, I’m gonna be booking it up North(east-ish) for the weekend! That’s right, I’m heading for the hills, vales, and mountains for a little R&R. As I started prepping my driving playlist, this song came on and we got reacquainted (it had been a whole 2 months since I played it last). The title itself is the perfect description of my mood once I hit the timberline.

In actuality though, this song contains so much awesomeness, not to mention the fact that the video pays copious amounts of homage to the old video game “Invaders”, set in the real world. The main hook of this song is loaded with whimsy and a carefree, happy-go-lucky feel. Heavier electronic elements join on in the bridge but this wistful theme keeps the song rolling along.

Enjoy this happy tune from the Norwegian duo Röyksopp!

Röyksopp Official Site

Little Boots – Remedy

August 17, 2012

Similar Artists: Madonna, Kylie Minogue

cheerlubber here. Uhh…did I do that right…? -shrug- As you can already tell, I won’t be putting much thought into this “Similar Artists” thing ’cause I’m lazy (if I ever do it at all, heh heh). And why should it matter–you guys should just listen to everything we post anyway. :P

I feel like I’ve been picking some songs on a whim lately. There’s just so many good things that it’s hard to pick one for a certain day–that and I’m still being tame with my music choices, ah hah. When should I introduce you guys to more electro and more international songs…? Hm, gotta ease you into it…Well today we have British electropop songstress Little Boots. She’s been in the music biz for a while but only achieved mainstream success with the release of her Hands album in 2008. Even though I got the music from Whuzzerface somehow she tells me she’s not very familiar with Little Boots. Hah. Tells you how much music we have if we still don’t know how some of it sounds.

Little Boots has got a great 80s and 90s vibe in some of her other songs on the album (I was originally thinking of highlighting Hearts Collide) but then I realized it’s Friday! Let’s get something dance-y up in here! So I present you with Remedy. It starts off sounding dark and moody but when it hits the chorus things pick up and it’s hard to not dance. I love the main line of the chorus and the song, “Dancing is my remedy,” because it’s true! Having a bad day? Lay down some good beats and dance it off! All too often I turn to music to drown out worries in life, and no better day to let it all out than on Friday. Looked it up and turns out there’s a music video for it; a little boring for the song, imo, but that’s all that matters anyway, isn’t it–the music! Take a listen to Remedy and turn on your Friday dance mode!

Little Boots Official Website

Little Boots – Hands on Amazon