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Yeasayer – O.N.E.

October 19, 2012

Sounds similar to: Miike Snow, Passion Pit, Santigold

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here.
This music video is captivating, visually and sonically. It’s almost as if there’s a huge backstory to this that we’ll never fully understand but the story they put in front of you depicts a futuristic entertainment-filled warehouse club venue. The main character, who’s exact species is unknown to me, enters the establishment and enters into an enthralling board game with another opponent. I’d love to learn out to play the game, I’m sure it was made up just for the video. Other things I love about this video: the colors, the clothing and dance moves of the trio of dancers (and the fact that the first time you see them, they’re hooded and look like the gay cousins of the Nazgûl, a.k.a. ring wraiths from LOTR), the glowing jewel synthesizer that the band plays, I love the funky fish tank glitter swimming person-thing and most especially, I LOVE THIS SONG!

The lyrics of this song portray someone who’s been fooled/played by the same person for too long, and now they have no pull on the heartstrings of their victim. I applaud people like this! The bridge of the song even eludes to the process of realization from feeling sedated or tranquilized to finally waking up with the recognition of the persons true toxic character.  Additionally, it’s a fuuuuun song to dance to so I hope you enjoy it on this gorgeous Friday. Yeasayer came out with a new album in August that is quite clever, make sure to check out “Fragrant World”. Cheers!

Yeasayer – Amazon MP3

Yeasayer Official Site

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