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Hot Chip – I Feel Better

October 29, 2012

Sounds similar to: Twin Shadow, LCD Soundsystem, Yeasayer

Happy almost-Halloween!

I’ve scoured music videos for this week and found several great creepy, odd, freaky, and down-right disturbing videos which will help to get your Halloween festivities off to a great start.  Our JJAMZ offering was a mere appetizer to what we have in store for you!

Hot Chip is a huge name in the electropop indie circuit. I cannot begin to count the number of their epic remixes of other songs alone. In addition to their Dj-ventures though, they also offer songs where they have both a high and low-pitched male vocal duo. That combination alone sets them apart and gives both a warm and ethereal feel to the songs. Add that to the “blip-blop” electronics and you’ve got yourself some epic dance tunes.

Now we’ve all been in love with at least one boy band in our lives. So what do you think would happen if you blended a boy band, a dance-off, alien invasion and good ol’ British humor together? You’d get this video! It seems to be a generic boy band music video filled with male-peacocks and dancing, but that’s where you’re wrong. A special guest arrives and shows those boy banders up. Now, when the chorus does come around, if you’re anything like me, a look of revulsion will slowly shape your face into a big “WHAT THE H???”, trust in me though, it gets better ;-)

I hope you get your dance on with this. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Hot Chip – Official Site

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