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Deluka – Cascade

October 3, 2012

cheerlubber is taking over the blog, muahahaha!

Today I bring you British indie rock band with new wave tendencies, Deluka, who are actually now based in New York. I have no idea what their band name means but I like their sound. I discovered Deluka at a bowling alley, of all places. Their music video was playing on the TVs and I don’t think anyone was really paying attention, but the song certainly grabbed my attention; it was so different from the typical gangster rap and Top 40 songs they usually play. Not only was I lucky enough to hear this song at that time, but lucky enough that my eyes decided to work well enough that day for me to see the small white words on the screen telling me what the song was, and lucky enough that my brain decided it would remember it for me until I got home hours later.

I managed to snag the Deluka EP (from 2009) but they have since released their full first album in 2010 that also features Cascade, titled You Are The Night. However, there are 3 songs on the EP that are not available on the album release, and I quite like them. The EP, unfortunately, is not easily available anywhere online anymore, from what I could tell. Deluka is due out for another new album in the next few months so I wonder if maybe those songs will appear on the new album, which I look forward to. Until then, you can just enjoy Cascade and You Are The Night!

Deluka – You Are The Night on Amazon MP3

Deluka Official Website


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