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Mark Ronson & The Business Int.’l – Bang, Bang, Bang

January 23, 2013

Sounds similar to:  Amy Winehouse, Miike Snow, Q-Tip

Hi There, Whuzzerface here,

Mark Ronson. You may say “Huh? Nooooo idea who the chap is.” Oh yes you, you do indeed. He is the genius responsible for Amy Winehouses catapult launch into fame with “Rehab” (he produced half of that album by himself!) and even contributed a track to Adele’s freshman debut album “19”.  He has a retro-ific soul that even keeps a bit of whit about itself, doesn’t take itself too seriously.  By the way, i’m kind of a lot in love with Mark Ronson, we are kindred spirits.

“Bang Bang Bang” combines his insane drum riff (can you hear the use of MULTIPLE toms? that’s not normal, most people are too cowardly to utilize them all), synthesizers, MNDR’s attitude and red lips (is that a jedi padawan braid I spot??) and the timeless elegant stylings of Q-Tip. How can this song not be made of win with that lineup?! This video could very well be a glance into a paradoxical past that is also the future. That possibility alone makes my head spin. The Japanese talk-show host conducts the interview in French, Ronson responds in Japanese and then gets down to business with his Voltron-esque weapons of mass de-funktion. The little b-boys that pop up win my heart over in no time flat!  The song is just as much fun and chaos as the video so enjoy!!

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – “Record Collection” – Amazon MP3

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Cool song!


January 23, 2013

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