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January 25, 2013

Sounds Similar to: Washed Out, Ghost Beach, On An On

To be truthful, I know pretty much next to nothing about the actual history, mission, or overall awesomeness of the band HAERTS. I was introduced to them via RAC‘s SoundCloud favorites, which I follow on a regular basis because they have prodigiously good taste.  Anywho, can’t find much more info on them as of yet but I will update this post when I do.

Until then, enjoy this lovely tune. It has a chillwave essence to it with bluegrass vocals (i.e. the gluttoral stops – when she quick-changes notes). Even though the song is longish, hold out to the end because they introduce a samba beat that will teleport you straight to Brasil. Enjoy and have a carnival of a weekend!!

**To download, you simply have to “Like” their Facebook page. This song is worth the 5 seconds it will take!**

Facebook – HAERTS


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