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Magic Hour – My Kind (Free downloads!)

January 16, 2013

Sounds Similar to: Walter Meego, Chromeo, Apples In Stereo

Hi there, Whuzzerface here,

This song is LOOOOONG overdue to be featured on here. Colin, reached out to us months ago and asked Raging Contagion to take a gander at his new his new project MagicHour (Colin was part of the now dissolved, and much loved by R.C., Walter Meego).  He was even so kind as to give us a few freebies to entice us, and you know how we love our freebies. The only excuse I can offer as to why we haven’t shared this little gem sooner is because we’ve been jealously holding it back and unwilling to share. Well, we cannot be so greedy any longer, this little bird needs to be free. When it comes to heavy vocoder use, sometimes it can be overdone but the fact that “My Kind” is a sort of vocoder-lite and breathy, it is quite delicious to the ears. The peppy synthpop disco beats are nothing short of infectious so after nabbing “My Kind” from Amazon, click on the image below for a free EP as a gift directly from Colin!

Cheers kiddos.

MagicHour – AmazonMP3

MagicHour – Sound Cloud

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