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Vance Joy – Riptide

April 5, 2013

Sounds Similar To: Of Monsters & Men, The Lumineers, Jack Johnson

Hi there, Whuzzerface here,

I had about 5 other songs queued and drafted up (I know, I was shocked that I was planning ahead too!) but the moment I heard this song, I knew it was destined to end up on here, and soon. This song has all the sincerity and sound of a live performance, probably mostly due to the slightly out of tune ukelele, but there’s also a richness which envelopes you as the chorus sweeps in.

Aussie Vance Joy will be tearing up the charts with this song, just like a riptide. A song like this is group sing-a-long type tune that will have you envisioning the beautiful coast line waters and breezes in no time flat. So soak up some relaxing music and have a wonderful weekend!


Ukelele’s aren’t chew toys.

Benji Hughes – Where Do Old Lovers Go?

April 4, 2013

Shout-out to my friend Theron who introduced this song to me. He randomly found it on Pandora one day and shared it with me. I don’t know if he looked more into Benji Hughes or not, but I did and I’m certainly glad! According to his bio on his record company’s site, Benji “loves beer but he loves women even more. Underneath his thick mane of strawberry blond hair and beard is a versatile singer/songwriter, full of heart.” What a charmer.

This is from his first album “A Love Extreme,” a 2-disc giant released back in 2008 at age 33. I think the whole album has a great sound for being 5 years old, and back in February it was announced that he’ll be releasing more albums this year. Hooray! He’s got a unique, laid-back, almost psychedelic 60s sound, and I saw one person compare him to Beck. He “sings” with a low, drawling voice in this song which creates the wistful feeling of the song. If you ever find yourself wondering about past relationships, don’t worry–you’re not the only one.

Also, don’t forget about the ticket giveaway this month!

– cheerlubber

Benji Hughes Official Site

Listen to “A Love Extreme” on MySpace

Crystal Castles – Affection

March 15, 2013

Sounds Similar To: The XX, Washed Out, M83

Hi there, Whuzzerface here.

This song will throw you for a loop. Coming in hard with it’s Timbaland-esque beat and bass line, so of course you’d be expecting to get slapped hard with heavy lyrics as you start the gangsta head bob. Not the case for this song! These haunting lyrics float into your ear canal, as if you were listening to them through a wall, your ear pressed up to a glass to hear better. My favorite is the second phrase in the lyrics is so indiscernible but just carries over like a legato hold to the next phrase, and as it does, my heart flutters.

Here’s the challenge of the day: Listen to the song at least one time through. Make that 2 times. Were you able to decipher any of the lyrics? If not, I’ll post the lyrics below, they’ll really trip you up:

Catch a moth hold it in my hand
crush it casually
Without past I can’t disappoint
my ancestry
Forever can I sleep inside
your menagerie

Catch a moth hold it in my hand
crush it casually
Without past I can’t disappoint
my ancestry
Forever can I sleep inside
your menagerie

We drown in pneumonia not
rivers and streams



Dragonette – Right Woman

March 13, 2013 1 Comment

International Woman’s Day may have been last week but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate it! And so I present to you “Right Woman” by Dragonette. We are absolutely smitten by this Canadian band. You may recognize the voice of their singer Martina who appeared in collabs with French producer Martin Solveig for “Boys & Girls” and “Hello.” Dragonette first released an album in 2007, but their second album released in 2009, “Fixin’ To Thrill,” was golden. I rarely enjoy a whole album so much but there’s not a single bad or boring song on that one. They recently released a new album entitled “Body Parts” that is just as good. While this song does appear on that album, it was first released a year ago on a compilation album for fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg in honor of International Woman’s Day. Honestly, I didn’t know this “holiday” existed until recently, but we don’t really need one day set aside to remember how amazing women are!

– cheerlubber

Dragonette Official Website (there are links to buy the album here)

Perseus – Love In Zanzibar – FREE DOWNLOAD

March 4, 2013

Sounds Similar To: The Magician, Chris Malinchak, Gigamesh

Hi there, Whuzzerface here.

It’s time to introduce you to a new hybrid music genre. Today’s focus, boys and girls, is on Nu-Disco (everyone say “oooOOOOooo”). It is certainly not an ultra new genre, contrary to the “Nu”. It is more of genre mixture that has been maturing and percolating over the past several years. Nu-Disco takes disco beats, newwave synths, R & B vocals and packs it into an all around danceable treat that rarely a person can say they don’t like, even just a little.

This song might surprise you though, especially when you find out who the soulful songstress is that is singing “I can love you better than she can!” Care to take any guesses?……………If you ventured to say Mary J. Blige, you’re correct! Perseus pays full homage and amplifies her sass with this chilled down number. It feels like we are directly transported to the vibrant and beautiful Zanzibar!


Autre Ne Veut – Counting

February 27, 2013

Sounds Similar To: Yeasayer, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, On An On

Hi there, Whuzzerface here,

I heard this song a few short months ago and could not find a streaming version of it ANYWHERE so I drafted up this in ahead of today, knowing full well that as the hype of this song started to spread, the record label would help a sister out. My faith has been rewarded! (also the sophomore album “Anxiety” was released yesterday)

What artist would call themselves an artist without having a name with meaning so deep, it requires a submersible to plumb the depths and  figure it out? Certainly not Autre Ne Veut though, because it is simply French for “I think of none other”. Now say it with me “Awwww, ‘das sweet!”. And like a good little boy, it’s probably directed to his mother.

This song is epic. It really builds layer upon layer. The beginning is deceptive with the beat and synth whistles. As the verse begins though, we’re greeted with falsetto that had an almost hip hop attitude to it. Come the chorus and all the layers are dropped on the listener in a well-orchestrated cacophony of arpeggios, added voices in octaves, even some saxophone (I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, that instrument is gonna make a huge come back, no thanks to Kenny G).

The album is not an expense, it’s an investment. Look out for your musical future, it needs you. ;-)

Autre Ne Veut – ‘Anxiety’ Album – Amazon MP3

Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Wondering (Dirtyphonics Remix)

February 22, 2013

Sounds Similar To: Late Of the Pier, Digitalism, MSTRKRFT

Hi there, Whuzzerface here,

Yeah!  I’m still here!!  Took a little 3 week break because of all of the birthdays, Antie Whuzzers free babysitting service, another birthday party, pure work exhaustion and to be honest, I may have reignited an addiction to a game that consumes 100% of me while I’m playing it. SORRY! If it’s any consolation, I’m winning said game and am pleased to announce that as of yesterday morning, successfully launched a campaign against the Ottoman Empire and vanquished them. So see, it was a worthwhile break ;-)

What better way to come back with a bang than with todays little pill of joy.  This a Dubstep-a-licious piece of remixing artistry that was on my “Best Dubstep of 2011” folder. The originating band, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, hails from England and incorporates lots of electronica into their songs already so that this remix feels like a natural progression in the songs evolutionary cycle.

Enjoy your weekend!

Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Official Site

Amazon MP3 – Wondering – Dirtyphonics Remix

Well, does it??

Jamie Lidell – Multiply (A Minor)

February 1, 2013

Sounds similar to: John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Raphael Saadiq

Hi there, Whuzzerface here.

You are in for a treat with this  one! Maybe it’s something in the water or in the way they talk that makes some British artists impeccable soul singers. Take Dusty Springfield for example. “Son of A Preacher Man” was a massive hit on the radio waves. Did anyone fathom that it was a white Brit chick on the other end of that record?! No they did not. Now, Jamie Lidell may not be a woman, but her certainly carries soul music like an American. It’s surprising really.  I know that this song had a great deal of sucess when it was first released, but this particular version I’m sure you’ve never heard before. I firmly believe this is how the song should be forever remember in the annals of time. This key fits the melody better than a custom-made glove. Add to that the sweet sweet ivory stylings of Chilly Gonzales and you know this song will get your toes a’ tappin’. The message of the lyrics? When you feel like everything in life is eating away and reducing you down to size, take a break, “multiply” and come back swinging.

Do just that this weekend – GO MULTIPLY YOUR AWESOME SELF!!

Jamie Lidell – Multiply ( In A Minor Key) – Amazon MP3

Tooting his own (little) horn


January 25, 2013 2 Comments

Sounds Similar to: Washed Out, Ghost Beach, On An On

To be truthful, I know pretty much next to nothing about the actual history, mission, or overall awesomeness of the band HAERTS. I was introduced to them via RAC‘s SoundCloud favorites, which I follow on a regular basis because they have prodigiously good taste.  Anywho, can’t find much more info on them as of yet but I will update this post when I do.

Until then, enjoy this lovely tune. It has a chillwave essence to it with bluegrass vocals (i.e. the gluttoral stops – when she quick-changes notes). Even though the song is longish, hold out to the end because they introduce a samba beat that will teleport you straight to Brasil. Enjoy and have a carnival of a weekend!!

**To download, you simply have to “Like” their Facebook page. This song is worth the 5 seconds it will take!**

Facebook – HAERTS


Imperial Guards love their pets.

Magic Hour – My Kind (Free downloads!)

January 16, 2013

Sounds Similar to: Walter Meego, Chromeo, Apples In Stereo

Hi there, Whuzzerface here,

This song is LOOOOONG overdue to be featured on here. Colin, reached out to us months ago and asked Raging Contagion to take a gander at his new his new project MagicHour (Colin was part of the now dissolved, and much loved by R.C., Walter Meego).  He was even so kind as to give us a few freebies to entice us, and you know how we love our freebies. The only excuse I can offer as to why we haven’t shared this little gem sooner is because we’ve been jealously holding it back and unwilling to share. Well, we cannot be so greedy any longer, this little bird needs to be free. When it comes to heavy vocoder use, sometimes it can be overdone but the fact that “My Kind” is a sort of vocoder-lite and breathy, it is quite delicious to the ears. The peppy synthpop disco beats are nothing short of infectious so after nabbing “My Kind” from Amazon, click on the image below for a free EP as a gift directly from Colin!

Cheers kiddos.

MagicHour – AmazonMP3

MagicHour – Sound Cloud