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Washed Out – New Theory

August 30, 2012 , , ,

Similar sound to: M83, Beach House, Panda Bear

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here,

For most of us, the upcoming weekend is a holiday (yipee), and even though it’s a time of relaxation, I actually find that I’m more busy on “Chill” holidays than others such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Am I alone in this observation? I think not. But in honor of the non-“Chill” holiday ahead, I’ve decided that we can still listen to a song that embodies everything that a 3-day weekend should be.

Let me introduce you to Chillwave. Chillwave music is simplistic, filled with ambient tones, a simple melody, and is meant to invoke a laid-back feeling. It incorporates bits of new wave and dream pop to fulfill the overall “chill”. Listening to the song below, I know you’ll imagine several things: relaxing at a bon fire on the beach, driving on a road trip, or if you’re a little deranged you’ll imagine a slideshow of photos that you took using Instagram which make you feel incredibly hipster.

Washed Out doesn’t really need an introduction. He’s an American fella who likes to make tunes that are dialed back from regular pop. That’s about it! One thing I love about Chillwave music – it’s complex but not complicated. With that, may you be able to steal a few peaceful moments this weekend and hopefully, this song will help you get there. ENJOY!

Washed Out – Official Site


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