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The Rapture – Come Back To Me

August 24, 2012

Similar to: The Cure, Franz Ferdinand, LCD Soundsystem

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here!

I have a fascination for accordions.  They are such a quirky-looking, unique sounding instrument that adds an element of classical and whimsical to any sound it is a part of. How awesome too that it puts out so much sound and but that is is simply powered by the musician. Added bonus, every accordion player gets to dance while they’re making music. Not a lot of musicians can do that (dancing with a xylophone or a string bass are just a taaaaad difficult).

How do accordions tie into “Come Back To Me”? To begin with, the entire 1st half of the song is a looped accordion song set to an awesome thump-whumping drum beat. Add to that the call-and-response vocal harmonies going on with the lead and the background singer and you’ve got yourself a song unlike any you’ve ever heard before. The Rapture, who must be a gift from heaven itself, never cease to amaze me.

That being said, I admit the singer doesn’t have the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard, but don’t discount the fact that he can indeed put emotion and incredible inflections on the vocals. Also, prepare yourself for a change-up halfway through the song, it take a spin for a different direction that is a real treat.

Happy Friday!!

The Rapture Official Site

The Rapture – Amazon MP3

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