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Dragonette – Right Woman

March 13, 2013

International Woman’s Day may have been last week but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate it! And so I present to you “Right Woman” by Dragonette. We are absolutely smitten by this Canadian band. You may recognize the voice of their singer Martina who appeared in collabs with French producer Martin Solveig for “Boys & Girls” and “Hello.” Dragonette first released an album in 2007, but their second album released in 2009, “Fixin’ To Thrill,” was golden. I rarely enjoy a whole album so much but there’s not a single bad or boring song on that one. They recently released a new album entitled “Body Parts” that is just as good. While this song does appear on that album, it was first released a year ago on a compilation album for fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg in honor of International Woman’s Day. Honestly, I didn’t know this “holiday” existed until recently, but we don’t really need one day set aside to remember how amazing women are!

– cheerlubber

Dragonette Official Website (there are links to buy the album here)

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