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Class Actress – Keep You

March 8, 2013

Sounds Similar To: Twin Shadow, Selebrities, Charli XCX, Phantogram

Hi there, Whuzzerface here,

As soon as you hit play, you might be slightly confused. No, this is not a B-side track from New Order, although the analog synth sounds, not to mention the filtered simplistic beating drum machine, sound like they don’t belong to any other artist. Well I am happy to tell you that, someone else can create a similarly delicious sound to New Order and that Class Actress lives up to their name. They are classy, and they are not putting on an act, they really remain true to their craft. I could delve into the depth and sultriness of the lyrics, but like the lyrics repeat over and over again, they just “keep you” thinking about keeping someone in your arms for as long as the moment allows, so that’s where I’ll leave that.

One of my favorite parts begins after the second chorus, where there is a playful bit of pitch-bend going on. Love it.

If this song is a MUST for you to own, because I am DANG GLAD I got it, there are several places to get it below. ENJOY!

Class Actress – Amazon MP3

Class Actress – Keep You – Download this one – RCRD LBL

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