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Oh Land – Pyromaniac

September 26, 2013

Sounds Similar To: Sia, Charli XCX, Dragonette

Whuzzerface here, WISHING I WERE OH LAND!!

Seriously, the Danish singer Oh Land is so pretty and adorable, it’s not fair. Her mother is an opera singer, her father an organist, and she was in the Royal Dutch Ballet until a spinal fracture ended that career and made her rediscover her true calling.  Obviously, she can’t help winning a genetic lottery with being beautiful, graceful and creative so I don’t hate her for it. But seriously though, I want her hair color(s).

This song is bound to be one of her biggest tracks from her new album “Wishbone”, which just came out two days ago, the same time that she kicked off her US tour for the next month. This poppy song retells of a volatile relationship, the girl calling herself a “pyromaniac” and the guy being her “perfect match and spark”.

If you find yourself liking this song, you’ll probably also appreciate her older songs like “Son of A Gun” or “White Nights” (there are many good remixes too).


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