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Kerli – Zero Gravity

June 19, 2012

This song is rated: 1 Pill – entry-level for music novices

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here!

What do you think of ESTONIA WEEK thus far eh? I’m sure you’re surprised at how awesome and different their sound is all at the same time! Then you’ll be even more surprised to find out that we actually first heard of the country of Estonia when we caught wind of a force of nature in a deceptively delicate-looking creature named Kerli back in 2009. After the first chorus of her song “Walking On Air”, we were hooked. So it’s rather funny that C-Bisiquit ended up living there for a while. First thing we thought of when we found out was “KERLI IS FROM THERE!”

Kerli (for Americans, the way to pronounce her name is closer to Keh-rrlie, but Care-lee works too) has been dubbed as Queen of Bubble Goth music and lives up to in her costumes on stage and in videos. We like to think of her sort of as Iiris’s older sister in song! Her rise to fame is actually a Cinderella story. She knew at a very young age she wanted to be a singer, despite all the classical training she had received in dancing and piano. At age 14, she signed up for the Baltic equivalent of American Idol back in 2002. She lied and said she was the minimum age of 15 but what do you know, she blew away the competition and won the show anyway, winning a recording deal over there and eventually getting a contract signed on the spot after singing for Island Def Jam Records execs in the US shortly after.

We’ve been almost foaming at the mouth to share this song with you and are so glad the moment is finally here! Today’s nugget of bliss comes in the form a a club-worthy number called “Zero Gravity”. You can’t NOT dance to this (to simplify that double-negative for you, you MUST dance to this). It’s such a choice beat, positive message, and space opera-centric video theme. There are even a few moments where she breaks it all down dubstep style while rocking out as what I imagine Pop Princess Rainbow Brite would look like. Can I also add these next words without making you too wary of the video: Alien space butterfly glam football. That will make sense toward the end of the video but it is really a rather rad combination of words I bet you’ve never seen before, much like you’ve never seen anything quite like Kerli before. I hope you enjoy it and keep it on repeat!

Kerli – Official Website

Kerli – Wikipedia

Kerli – Amazon MP3


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Kerli’s from Estonia? No freaking way, I had no idea! I absolutely love her, & I swear her song Walking on Air was written specifically for me.


June 19, 2012

I know, such a great discovery isn’t it! “Walking On Air” is a favorite of mine as well as “Creationist” and “Army of Love”.


June 19, 2012

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