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IIRIS – Weirdo

June 18, 2012

This song is rated: 1 Pill – entry-level for music novices

cheerlubber again!

Continuing with ESTONIA WEEK, I present to you today with great pleasure the singer Iiris Vesik. Only 20 years old, she’s been active as a singer for a few years now, doing only a little bit here and there, until she signed on with EMI in 2011 and released her first full album, The Magic Gift Box, in March of this year. I don’t often buy physical CDs much anymore, but I snatched this one up as soon as I could find an international shipper. When it finally arrived, I had never been so excited and happy to hold a physical CD in my hands before. I love her funky, weird, alt-pop style and she’s just so adorable. If you ever watch an interview of her in English, she has the cutest little voice and accent.

In Weirdo, we see IIRIS in what seems to be a madhouse. You may not quite understand what’s going on but it doesn’t matter because it’s a madhouse. It’s a bit quirky but whimsical, and the dancing old men are too cute. Check out Weirdo below and stay tuned for more Estonia goodness later in the week!

Buy IIRIS – The Magic Gift Box CD or digitally on Amazon

IIRIS Official Website

IIRIS Official Facebook

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    […] music and lives up to in her costumes on stage and in videos. We like to think of her sort of as Iiris’s older sister in song! Her rise to fame is actually a Cinderella story. She knew at a very young age […]

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