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Mimicry – The Destination

June 20, 2012

This song is rated: 2 Pills – intermediate musicologist level

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Today for ESTONIA WEEK, we present you with the track The Destination by synthpop duo Mimicry. This is yet another song with a huge 80s vibe. Can you tell we love 80s music? The keyboard, the echo-y vocals…I’m really not good at describing parts of a song and breaking it down into why it’s so 80s without being repetitive and redundant (Whuzzerface is far better at that sort of thing), it just IS and it’s great. This group was formed in 2004 and certainly has some funky, psychedelic stuff. This is probably their tamest song that I’ve heard so far. I know I say this a lot too, but I can guarantee your head will start bobbing to the music, à la Night at the Roxbury. BONUS: found a free download of this song from their website! w00tw00t! Free download here

Mimicry’s Official Website

Mimicry Official Facebook

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