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Kimbra – Good Intent

June 4, 2012

This song is rated: 1 Pill – entry-level for music novices

Yes, it is I, cheerlubber! Many apologies for disappearing for two weeks. It’s tough when two things you love clash on the same week; as Dr. Whuzzerface already explained, we got a little caught up in the excitement of Phoenix Comicon.

I was going to post this song for Kimbra week anyway, but coincidentally, what could be a better “apology” song than this? The siren from New Zealand strikes again as she channels a cabaret singer with this swanky number, Good Intent. I’m a sucker for big band and classic crooners (love the 30s-40s era) so this song is an instant hit for me, and the music video just seals the package. Kimbra’s a doll, but I’m equally admiring that dashing, dapper dancer that appears. Where can I get me one of those? If New Zealand is the answer (meaning he’ll also come packaged with a hot accent) then I daresay it’s worth the $1800 flight.

Enjoy the music video below, be sure to check out Kimbra, and spread the contagion!!

Amazon – Kimbra “Vows” Album

Kimbra’s Official Website

Kimbra’s Facebook Page

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