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Bleu – Watching You Sleep

June 8, 2012 , , , , ,

 This song is rated: 1 Pill – entry-level for music novices

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here!

We’ve all heard those scary stalker songs about being so in love with someone from afar that you follow their every move, learning all about them to the point where you practically know them better than they know themselves. This is not one of those songs. OK, this is not entirely one of those songs. My favorite way to introduce this song is, “The cutest/sweetest stalker song in the world”.  It could be that I just love listening to Bleu sing so much that I’d be ok with the thought of him stalking me (I mean what girl wouldn’t be? He has incredible facial chops and used to wear his hair like Wolverine!!)  But there are a few lyrical confessions in the song that make it rather tender too.  For example: “I confess! I looked up your work address. It wasn’t fate I bumped into you that but it’s still me who holds your hand while you’re asleep.” Everyone say it together, “Awwwww”.

Musicality wise, the song isn’t complicated. It has a basic acoustic guitar, a sort of lazy clap & snare beat, and some solid vocal harmonies in the chorus. This song can be found on his album “Redhead” (Which is a treasure trove of audio goodness. Three of the songs ended up on 2 soundtracks back in the the early 2000’s!).

While I don’t condone stalking for the most part, this song will be stuck in your head so badly that you’ll be obsessed with it to the point where if it were a person, yeah, you’d stalk it too.

Happy stalking, er, I meant FRIDAY!

Amazon – “Redhead” album by Bleu

Bleutopia – Official website

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