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Diplo – Set It Off

May 31, 2012

This song is rated: 2 Pills – intermediate musicologist level

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here!

I want to apologize briefly for the botch of “Kimbra Week”. We had such bigger plans for it and it coincided with the epic Phoenix ComicCon, which is what diverted more of our attention that we had anticipated. I promise we’ll make it up for you by saving our favorite 2 songs of hers for early June posts.

Back to biz-nez!  Get yo’ fine self ready for dancing and Friday because this song practically screams “I’m ready for the weekend, get me out of this office NOW!”  It could be that the lyrics “I wanna set it off” and the gun shot cocking could literally be a warning of a person about to go postal…but we’ll think happy thoughts and say that it’s a party song. “Set It Off” doesn’t actually come out until June 12th, but i’m sure if you ask very nicely, a friend or two would consider giving it to you for your unbirthday! (hint hint) If you’ve never heard of Diplo, there’s no better time than now to start getting acquainted with his distinct electronic deliciousness.

Let’s break this song down for you. Do not be deceived by the seemingly ChillWave-esque beginning, there’s a serious reggaeton punch and beat that get cracking about :53 into the song. I’m loving the oscillating pitch wave going on too, it’s entertaining. As I said above, the phrase “I wanna set it off” peals through in an ultra high pitch throughout, getting gravely and highly distorted on occasion.  This song even takes a turn to the hip-hop at one point (which leads me to think that there are going to be so many good rap remixes from it!). What I like best about this is that the beat doesn’t force itself onto the listener, there are definite moments where Diplo takes a step back, lets you rest and then eases back in.

Hope you enjoy it!

Amazon – Diplo “Set It Off” (available on June 12th)

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