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Black Light Dinner Party – Gold Chain

November 27, 2012

Sounds similar to: Ghost Beach, Superhumanoids, AnR

Hi there, Whuzzerface here.

“Smooth dream pop for smooth listening.” Mmmm, sounds like something tasty. And since we just are just getting back in the groove from Thanksgiving, this is a delicious tune that isn’t going to leave you overly full, unlike the 5 helpings of food we all had last week. Let us feast on “Gold Chain”!

Indie-tronica wonders Black Light Dinner Party have been hibernating and laying low while they collect some serious ammunition in the form of epic tunes. Well this power-packed tune is a poppy lament, sorry to break the news, but it’s said with such sweet feeling that it doesn’t feel like a loss. In fact, the singer himself  says:

“But now I find
It hard to leave her
She has this power over me
I’ll stay inside my dreams
Where you still love me tight”

Living in a daydream to keep love lost alive. This man is not the first nor the last.  My most FAVORITE part of the song happens at 1:09 where the synth and simple guitar lick kick of right before the epic onslaught of heavenly ascending keyboard sequences. It hits me right in the kisser every time and I almost lose my breath from the magnitude of that buildup. I know you’ll be able to appreciate it too. Enjoy! (by the way, how FUN would it be to have a dinner party in black light…)

Black Light Dinner Party Official Site

Black Light Dinner Party – Amazon MP3

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