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Everybody Else – In Memoriam

September 14, 2012

Sounds similar to: Rooney, Phantom Planet, Tinted Windows

Howdy there, Dr. Whuzzerface here!

Friday Friday Friday, ah, the blessed day when we reminisce on the prior days and then realize we’d much rather forget they ever happened.

Let’s get down to business though, Everybody Else was practically a birthday present to me. One year for my bday celebrations, several friends and I went to a Rooney concert which happened to fall on my day of birth and lo and behold, this incredibly gorgeous man walks up to the mic, starts crooning, and I fell in love.  Carrick Moore Gerrity, the singer/songwriter/blue-eyed-bundle-of-wonderfulness has a knack for writing a style of pop rock that doesn’t sound like it’s been done before. Their songs are highly danceable and just down right fun.

“In Memoriam” is a look back at a puppy love summer crush where drinking orange soda, riding bikes, and ripped blue jeans were regular activities. Flashbacks abound and he finds himself saying “I remember you, so remember me like we were back then, in my memory.” Don’t we wish that people we crushed on remembered only the good times we had all those years later? I do!

I’m sure you’ll find this song on repeat all weekend but should you want more, they have two amazing albums out that should be worshiped by all (especially since they have a song called “Meat Market”, which reminds me of YSA wards).

Have a great weekend and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Everybody Else – Facebook

Everybody Else – Amazon MP3

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