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Ke$ha – Supernatural (The Hair Kid Bootleg Remix)

September 12, 2012

cheerlubber here! Yowza, I disappeared for a few weeks there…coincidentally, school also started back up again a few weeks ago. All I can say is I’m glad I only have one more year of paying tuition. Y’know, school’s really only just getting started back up again but I’m already feeling drained. Oh dear. I’ll keep this short then. Better something than nothing, right?

Now, don’t let the title of this post frighten you. You won’t have to worry about any drunk sing-talking here. But there is a rap. Known as The Hair Kid (which is fitting when you look at the picture), this young fellow is a fledgling DJ/remixer on YouTube, and although I can’t exactly tell, I certainly hope his name is getting around more. He’s pretty under-the-radar from what I can tell but I think he’s great and he’s only getting better. C-bisquit (our other sister–hope you’re keeping track) discovered him a while back when he was doing mostly remixes of Korean or Japanese songs, but he’s since been expanding.

His character amuses me; here’s this kid with long, grungy hair that looks like he’d rather be into death metal and the like, and yet he does funky remixes of pop songs and inserts raps into his remixes that he writes and performs himself. This remix was created from a bootleg sample of a Ke$ha song, posted by (I’m assuming) the producer. I haven’t checked yet to see if the full version of the actual song is out yet because I honestly have no interest in Ke$ha, but I can definitely get down and groovy with this remix. Give it a listen and check out The Hair Kid’s other great remixes as well!

(PS, the picture makes me laugh every time. Even better, the top comment on YouTube says, “which one is ke$ha”)

The Hair Kid Facebook Page

The Hair Kid YouTube Channel

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