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Little Boots – Remedy

August 17, 2012

Similar Artists: Madonna, Kylie Minogue

cheerlubber here. Uhh…did I do that right…? -shrug- As you can already tell, I won’t be putting much thought into this “Similar Artists” thing ’cause I’m lazy (if I ever do it at all, heh heh). And why should it matter–you guys should just listen to everything we post anyway. :P

I feel like I’ve been picking some songs on a whim lately. There’s just so many good things that it’s hard to pick one for a certain day–that and I’m still being tame with my music choices, ah hah. When should I introduce you guys to more electro and more international songs…? Hm, gotta ease you into it…Well today we have British electropop songstress Little Boots. She’s been in the music biz for a while but only achieved mainstream success with the release of her Hands album in 2008. Even though I got the music from Whuzzerface somehow she tells me she’s not very familiar with Little Boots. Hah. Tells you how much music we have if we still don’t know how some of it sounds.

Little Boots has got a great 80s and 90s vibe in some of her other songs on the album (I was originally thinking of highlighting Hearts Collide) but then I realized it’s Friday! Let’s get something dance-y up in here! So I present you with Remedy. It starts off sounding dark and moody but when it hits the chorus things pick up and it’s hard to not dance. I love the main line of the chorus and the song, “Dancing is my remedy,” because it’s true! Having a bad day? Lay down some good beats and dance it off! All too often I turn to music to drown out worries in life, and no better day to let it all out than on Friday. Looked it up and turns out there’s a music video for it; a little boring for the song, imo, but that’s all that matters anyway, isn’t it–the music! Take a listen to Remedy and turn on your Friday dance mode!

Little Boots Official Website

Little Boots – Hands on Amazon


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