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Cass McCombs – County Line

August 14, 2012

Similar sounding artists: The Shins, Andrew Bird, Simon & Garfunkel

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here,

We’re gonna dial it back a bit for a good Tuesday song that may or may not make you a bit nostalgic, lugubrious, or a combination of both.  Most of our songs have a peppy beat but this really has the feel of a Tuesday (the day after Monday that is not quite Wednesday).

Cass McCombs is somewhat of a mystery to most. While he thinks he has the personality of a wet blanket, there seems to be a factory of wheels working in that songwriters head that used to churn out many a depressing ballad. With his now more mature sound, his lyrics are a bit more hopeful for the most part. I’m not sure which the case is for “County Line” though. It has a fair share of ups and downs. His sweet tones and the dulcet vibraphones seem to glaze over the sad bits and whilst it seems he is pining for his home of yesteryear, there is a tinge of happiness at just the mere thought of memories there.

Enjoy “County Line” and hope your Tuesday is more fulfilling that most!

Cass McCombs – Official Site

Cass McCombs – Amazon MP3

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