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Raging Contagion

Raging Contagion

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Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

December 10, 2013

Sounds similar to: Blur, Radiohead, Gnarls Barkley

Hi there, Whuzzerface here,

It’s that time of year that I dub the “Downhill Holidays”. You see, after Halloween, the holidays just start rolling in faster and faster and before you know it you’re spit out on the other side of the following year a few pounds heavier, house a lot messier, even emptier, and with nothing to celebrate until Valentines Day (and what a bright spot of the year that is for some…). So forgive me if I want to go back to something a little less “Jingle Bells” and a little more “Slay Bells”. ‘Das right, I’m gonna mix up Christmas with Halloween in a very non Tim Burton way with this long forgotten gem.

I like to think of this as the Ghost of Apocalyptic Future’s song. Why the Gorillaz, partially made up of one of my high school favorite band Blur, chose to name it “Clint Eastwood”? I really don’t know nor do I care to look it up right now. Let’s just leave it up to imagination. Listening to this song, however, brings back fond memories. Have you ever been swing dancing before? I used to go at least once a week and had to get slipped in the back entrances to dance clubs because I was way under age but they needed girls who knew how to couples dance. Almost every dance I went to at one particular place, the DJ would make this the last song of the night. While it may seem slow for pop dancing, trying to do the Lindy Hop to this, you have to go VERY FAST. It was always a fun way to end the night. Here’s hoping this makes your Holiday Blues bearable! Enjoy!!


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