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Elbow – Mirrorball

May 8, 2013

Sounds similar to: Radiohead, Turin Brakes, Travis

Hi there, Whuzzerface here,

Now that Birthday-month has died down, let’s get back to what really matters – MUSIC!  This time of the year is kind of a funny one. All sorts of mixed emotions for the upcoming graduates. They’re excited, they’re unsure what the future holds for them, they’re fearless, yet they are afraid of growing up. But there’s also another seasonal slew of events that happen around this time of the year too. Since lots of college students will be done with school for the summer, at least around here, it’s a very very VERY popular time of the year for weddings.

Well, I happen to associate this song as being one of the sweetest and most endearing love songs that would be beyond ideal for playing as a “first dance” song.  The veteran Brits that are Elbow ain’t making some puppy love song here with cliched and meaningless words, these lyrics are sweet, sincere, and born of a love that doesn’t wash away with time. Guy Garvey’s gently gritty voice lulls you with with these words:

We took the town to town last night
We kissed like we invented it
And now I know what every step is for
to lead me to your door

Know that while you sleep
everything has changed

We made the moon our mirror ball
The street’s an empty stage
the city sirens, violins
Everything has changed

Just reading the second line make me a little light headed and weak in the knees….But seriously, how epic and romantic is that, imagining the moon is a mirror ball while you dance?!  I’m sure you’ll find more to love about it, I need a moment to compose myself. ENJOY!!

We’ll make the moon our mirroball.

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