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POP ETC – Everything Is Gone – FREE DOWNLOAD

November 20, 2012

Sounds similar to: Atlas Genius, Vacationer, St. Lucia

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here,

Formerly known as The Morning Benders, this band literally lives up to their new moniker by continually dishing out superb pop beats and hooks. Their album cover has these words on the front: rock, hip-hop, soul, funk, reggae, blues, techno, new age, punk, disco, folk, country, jazz, house, psych, R&B, POP ETC. I think that is a creative summation of their influences for sure.

“Everything Is Gone” is a prime example too of their musical diversity. While it may seem like a typical dance or “head-bob” tune on the surface, there are breaks at the end of every verse where the singer poses afterthoughts to the audience about the phenomena of “you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone” moments.  However, the initial feeling or description that I want to give this song is the following: anthemic bar song that is idyllic for roadtrips, specifically wide open spaces. That’s just the initial description I would give it. “Anthemic” because the keyboard melody gets stuck in your head and there’s an echoey feel to the over sound. “Bar Song” because this somehow reminds me greatly of Semisonics “Closing Time” with the piano and pop beat (maybe a little Ben Folds too).  And what better to do while roadtripping through wide open spaces than sing anthemic bar songs!

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and you should be especially grateful that this is a  FREE DOWNLOAD from their Soundcloud account and add them to your mp3 rotation.

POP ETC – Amazon MP3

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