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St. Lucia – All Eyes On You

October 23, 2012

Sounds similar to: Foxes, Strange Talk, Ben Browning, Empire of The Sun

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface reporting in,

Much like the paradise it borrowed it’s name from, St. Lucia is relaxing and comes at you in warm, gentle, lapping waves of musical goodness. St. Lucia himself is a world traveler. He started out in South Africa and wound up in Brooklyn via London. This vagabond-ish past could be a good explanation for his honed sound that resonates like a modern take of all the best elements of 80’s music, complete with a saxophone solo in the bridge (remember what i’ve said in posts past? Saxophone is making a comeback, trust me!)

This song is actually very sweet and heartfelt. “I will never take back, The words that I said then, I always knew I’d come back to you….Even in the meantime, I will always stand by, A mirror on the shelf” ending with “I will always have all eyes on you.” What girl does NOT want their man-loves eyes locked on them all the time!! Now, these may be empty words and promises really, but I find this song has captivated my heart and you can bet that I had it (like many other music gems) on repeat for a solid week.

I hope you enjoy this brief phonic getaway!

St. Lucia – Amazon MP3

St. Lucia – Official Site

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