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Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy

September 26, 2012

Similar to: Yeasayer, Passion Pit, Phoenix, Cut Copy

**UPDATE: The demo version has been removed for “some” reason. For this we apologize**

cheerlubber here, bringing you Eskimo Boy from Strange Talk, an electropop band originating from Melbourne, Australia. This particular version is actually the pre-EP-release version that Whuzzerface nabbed when they first appeared on her radar a few years ago. They released their EP last year and changed some of their songs a bit, I think because they added more actual band members to the group. On the EP they re-recorded it…I’m not sure exactly of what all they did differently, but honestly, I prefer the pre-EP version of Eskimo Boy. And when I say “prefer” I mean “love.” There was a time when I was absolutely obsessed with this song. It’s just so great. Before I reset my media player’s settings a few months back, Eskimo Boy was one of my top most-played songs. I especially love the instrumental part at around 3:08. It’s present in the rest of the song too but for some reason it sounds especially epic when the vocals cut out for a time, like it’s gearing you up again. I couldn’t tell you what the song means by “Eskimo Boy,” but one doesn’t need to understand the lyrics or its title to feel the awesomeness of the song. I don’t think this version is available anywhere online anymore (but you know someone who has it -nudgenudge-) but you can still check out the rest of their official EP below:

Strange Talk EP on Amazon

Strange Talk Official Website

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