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Twin Shadow – Golden Light

July 20, 2012

This song is rated: 2 Pills – intermediate musicologist level

Hi there, Dr. Whuzzerface here,

Twin Shadow (otherwise known as the man George Lewis Jr.) just released the new album “Confess” last week and, yes, I must confess, that I’m liking it very verrrrrry much. One critic went so far as to aptly describe it as being “so unabashedly ’80s you half-expect Molly Ringwald to crash the party” (Stephanie Benson of Rhapsody).  The entire collection is crunch synth heavy, with elements of arena rock and drifting wave vocals. Some of the songs are outright homages to Prince and The Police! And I’m ok with that, I know you will be too.

“Golden Light” is the first track on the album, which might have been a bad call since it’s so good, I’ve hardly listened to any of the other songs…. Starts of with an soft synth that plays the hook and a buzz drones in crescendos. While the chorus maybe seem heavy, it actually feels reined in, building an intensity to the drama unfolding. Add to that, the baseline also doubles up the first beats of each measure in the chorus as and throws in some good slapping to thicken the bottom plot. I can envision, if I were ever asked to direct the music video (BIG HINT!!!), a Mad Max-esque scene where Twin Shadow comes out pumping his fist in the air, leather jacket clad cronies filling in behind him, and shouts “Some people say there’s a golden light, you’re the golden light (I will follow). and if I chase after you does that mean that it’s true?!” while he dances in the desert. It’s just that epic of a feeling. After the first verse a twangy surf rock guitar accompanies but interestingly enough doesn’t detract from the electro-vibe of the whole number. I say brilliantly done Mr. Lewis, bravo.

I hope you enjoy this and that it becomes the anthem of your weekend!

Amazon.com MP3’s Twin Shadow – “Confess”  (ONLY $3.99 RIGHT NOW!!)

Wikipedia – Twin Shadow

Official Twin Shadow Site

Concentrating on seeing the “Golden Light”.

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