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Animal Drama – Spordipäev

June 23, 2012

This song is rated: 1 Pill – entry-level for music novices

cheerlubber again, here to finish off ESTONIA WEEK!

I think it’s gone pretty well, haven’t you? To be honest, when we first planned this we only had 3 artists in mind. After much searching, I came across other groups and we didn’t have to have two songs by the same artist! I’m pretty sure I’ve come across every artist Estonia has to offer by now, though, considering they only have a population of about 1.3 million. There’s still some songs I’d like to share with you guys, but it’ll have to be later on because we’re gonna wrap it up here.

Perfect for a relaxing Saturday, I present you with the band Animal Drama and their song Spordipäev, meaning “Sports Day” (what we’d call “field day” here). Spordipäev is a very whimsical, upbeat song, a bit like something OK Go might do. The indie pop-rock band from Tartu (the college town in Estonia) has been around since 2007, had some line-up changes in 2009, and then released Spordipäev as their latest single in November of last year. The main singer, Fredy Schmidt, is actually active in another band as well: Laika Virgin. I liked what I heard from them as well so it was tough to decide which of Fredy’s bands to highlight. Maybe I’ll throw in a song by them later on down the road. That’s about all I could find of Animal Drama, really. I can’t even find where to buy their music, which is a shame because I would.

Animal Drama Official Facebook  (you can download three of their songs for free here, including Spordipäev; click on “BandPage,” then hover over the listed songs and there should be a Download button [realized the Spordipäev download is in .wav format for some inexplicable reason. Converted it to .mp3 for you here])

Animal Drama Official MySpace  (I know, I know–MySpace. But hey, a lot of artists still host their music on here. You can’t download songs, but you can listen to some of their other music they don’t have posted elsewhere. Do eet!)

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