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Family Force 5 – Dance Or Die

May 1, 2012 , , , , , ,

This song is rated: 1 Pill – entry-level for music novices

Hi everyone, Dr. Whuzzerface here!

Bet you thought I’d fallen off of the face of the Earth, huh? Not a chance, suckas! Birthday celebrations last week were a little hectic (and extended well beyond the bday, hehe) but I’m back and rearing to go.

Raging Contagion has been up now for 30 days so I feel that, like my birthday, it’s time to celebrate with something extra special. I think we’re all comfortable enough with each other now to share some of our more treasured tunes. As such, I have the greatest pleasure in introducing to you Family Force 5’s “Dance Or Die”. The video below is, as I like to describe it, the love child of the movies Tron and Captain EO (if you don’t know Captain EO, it’s a vital piece of Michael Jackson history – you MUST watch it in order for your life to be complete). Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh, chew on that for a bit.

A little about FF5: They are 5 fellas from down south Atlanta, Georgia, only 3 of them are actually family/bros (1 set of twins & brother Solomon, a.k.a SoulGlowActivator). They describe their music as “Christian Crunk Rock”, and it’s the truth too. 95% of all of their songs are extremely danceable which is why I think “Dance Or Die” is a good start to your soon-to-be FF5 fascination. CAUTION: Do not watch the following video unless you have a certified sense of humor. FF5 loves to do a lot of silly moves, jokes, and just generally have good fun together and they make sure to put a huge dose of that into every one of their songs and videos. I’ve seen them perform live and it is always a good time!  That being said, you have to ask yourself, when it comes to this song, are you gonna dance…..or DIE????

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Official Family Force 5 site

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