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Cut Copy – Far Away

April 27, 2012

This song is rated: 1 Pill – entry-level for music novices

Well howdy do, Dr. cheerlubber here.

Seems Dr. Whuzzerface didn’t have a post planned for today so I’ll throw one together real quick. PS, Dr. Whuzzerface’s birthday was back on Wednesday, April 25th. She’s a grown woman now! :D

Today we highlight the amazing Australian electronic band Cut Copy. Dr. Whuzzerface and I are big fans. Dr. Whuzzerface even went to a concert of their’s a few months back  :0   They’ve got a lot of great tracks and no doubt you’ll see more of them here in the future, but here’s one of their songs that came up while I was on shuffle. You wanna know the funny thing? The song that played just before was Teddyloid’s Fly Away that I posted about just last week. Fly Away, Far Away? Ah hah. Get it? I mean, the length of the name didn’t even change! Only two letters changed! Just. How about that for coincidence, huh? Well anyway, it got me excited…

Far Away is from their In Ghost Colours album and it’s got a great 80s vibe to it that’s just too hard not to bob your head to. Hang around for the chorus and you’ll soon find your whole body moving. The backup chorus and the echo-y vocals just scream 80s. Enjoy Far Away by Cut Copy below!

Cut Copy’s Official Website

Cut Copy’s Facebook

Cut Copy’s SoundCloud

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