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Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside

April 12, 2012

Dr. cheerlubber here.

Since I probably frightened some people with BABYMETAL and then a classical piece–two extremes–as some of my first posts, I thought I should share something a little more moderate this time around. I promise I won’t just be giving you guys obscure stuff all the time. Like I’ve said earlier, I just have a much wider taste in music than most people; not trying to brag or be hipster about it, it’s just a fact you should understand. I simply will try giving you something really new to your ears from time to time, just for kicks. Give your musical comfort zone a bit of a quick stretch. At least so you can show it to your friends and say “Check out this crazy bizarre song that this crazy bizarre chick posted” and laugh about it. As an analogy, Dr. Whuzzerface will be giving you a taste of good home cooking–something not always easy to come by but still familiar enough to soothe your taste buds–and I’ll give you new tastes from around the world (quite literally sometimes)–unique flavors you never knew existed that may sometimes shock you. You may end up liking it, you may not. It’s all about trying. I’ve found many times that giving a song a good two or three fair listens can sometimes make it my next favorite. We like to keep an open mind around here and hope you can try too.

Now enough blabbering, give us the music already!

This song is rated: 1 Pill – entry-level for music novices

Broken Bells is an indie rock band formed by Danger Mouse (the producer behind Gnarls Barkley) and James Mercer (lead vocalist and guitarist for The Shins). Formed in 2009, they haven’t released much given that they’re both simultaneously involved in other projects as well, but I certainly look forward to what more they’ll produce. I’m a fan of both of their respective original groups and a fan of this collab. Dunno how good I am at breaking down the elements of a song (diagnosing–ah ah ah, get it?) like Dr. Whuzzerface, but I s’pose I’ll give it a try. The pining lyrics and the thin, whining falsetto gives the song a touch of melancholy. The choir that chimes in in the chorus further adds to the mournful atmosphere, but the steady, continual guitar (?) twang throughout the whole song keeps it moving. The claps contrast to lighten the mood a bit however, turning the song more into a warning than a straight-up lament. I initially feel like I should close my eyes and feel the gloominess of the song, but I can’t help but tap my toe and bob my head at the same time.

Whew, my brain hurts. Not sure if I want to do that again! Let’s just let the music speak for itself!

Check out their website here: Broken Bells

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