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Phantom Planet – Something Is Wrong

June 26, 2012 3 Comments

This song is rated: 1 broken heart – anyone with any feeling at all can relate

Hello there, Dr. Whuzzerface here.

Usually our posts are bright, clever, and fun to be around. Today, however, I write this with a very tender heart and misty eyes. Losing things are never easy, especially people in our lives. At about 8PM last night I received news that a friend of mine passed away. I won’t delve into the details. I know how much this friend loved music. One of his guilty pleasure songs was “Walking In Memphis” by Mark Cohen. But the only band that I could think of that would sufficiently suit my feelings right now was Phantom Planet. Oh, the years of understanding we’ve had with each other. Simple songs sometimes say it the best.

There’s really nothing more to this song than guitar, the singer, and a little haunting glass harmonica in the background. The part in this song that gets me crying is when he gets to the halfway mark and says “Now I fear that I may taste these tears rolling down my face.” Tears are salty, bitter, and never a joy to taste, much like the crying that precedes them. Gosh, I cannot even put into words my feelings write now. I apologize if this was much more lugubrious than you anticipated. I will make it up to you next week. If you can’t handle it, here’s their slightly more optimistic “One Ray Of Sunlight